Glendale Event Rentals

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    We are happy to decorate your party, dinner party, trade show booth or corporate event.
    You can think of corporate events, business openings, product launches, Christmas parties, workshops & seminars, meetings etc. for both your employees and your customers.

    We can also help you with the decoration of theme parties such as the annual Christmas party or Christmas dinner and staff parties, which are more profitable under the new labor costs to keep the workplace. In addition to business events, we dress private parties to eg. Private locations or charter locations.

    Event decoration rental

    We offer any budget options.
    Obviously, we can look throughout the decor, but also may opt for a rental arrangement whereby you as a customer rents the decorations, we deliver them if desired and you make it yourself.

    You can think of furniture, flower arrangements, ceiling decorations, carpets, marketing posts, balloon decorations and much more.

    In addition to our extensive event rentals range we also sell many appropriate party decorations through our gallery .

    Interested? Please contact us for more information about prices and features.

    Event styling customization

    Not all corporate events are suitable for standard packages or our seasonal styling packages. Of course we also work completely customized special themes to business dinners, openings, exhibition stands and presentations. Rates for styling creations on location often start from $1,000.

    We work with various partners in the field of light and sound and catering together to create a most complete experience. Intimate dinners with nicely set tables into a big party with snacks and drinks in a nicely decorated room with a hip DJ and dance floor.

    We would like to hear your wishes in the decoration of your Event rentals and if you want catering, music, light and sound in a free quote call. This course can also phone or email.